Anbar Fish Introduction

Who we Are?

At Anbar Fish, we specialize in responsibly sourcing and delivering seafood from the Arabian Sea to our valued customers, including those online, wholesale, and for export purposes. Trust us to provide quality seafood, conveniently accessible for Online Fish Delivery in Pakistan.

We are Pakistan’s largest online seafood store, specializing in Online Fish Delivery in Pakistan. Founded in 2022, we are headquartered at the main Karachi Fish Harbor. Anbar has experienced exponential growth since its establishment and now caters to major cities across Pakistan. As Pakistan’s only vertically integrated seafood brand, Anbar Fishers operates its own fishing trawlers and maintains supply lines from Sindh and Balochistan. With an auction facility at Karachi Fish Harbor, cutting and packing infrastructure, and an end-to-end supply chain, we ensure the highest quality seafood for our customers, including those in Online Fish Delivery.

What matters to us?

At Anbar Fish, we all come to work every day to bring you the freshly caught seafood that your health deserves. Anbar Fish is a transparent platform where you can get the trusted information and facts about all the seafood that is caught from the Arabian Sea.  Since seafood knowledge is not very common in Pakistan, most people only know just a few of the locally caught seafood. Anbar Fish is a place where you can have the complete details of each and every product so that you may know what you are actually consuming.

What do we do?

All of our seafood ( except freshwater seafood) is wild-caught from the Arabian Sea. We only sell fresh seafood that is without any frozen stocking, chemical processing, and adulteration. All our seafood is 100 % organic and wild-caught from estuaries, brackish waters, creeks, muddy bottom, reefs, and the deep sea.

How do we do?

We works on JIT (just in time) model and keeps zero seafood inventories. All your seafood orders are arranged and processed after you place the order. This may cause a longer than normal order fulfillment lead time but this is the only model to ensure the best quality fresh seafood delivery.

What do we expect from you?

Anbar Fish, being a market leader and 1st of its kind in Pakistan is still evolving. We are improving continuously based on your valuable feedback. We encourage you to share suggestions and discuss ideas to further improve this seafood platform.

Sounds Good?

With a commitment to excellence, we have ensured a revolution in what one would consider an archaic business. An easy-to-navigate website and well-categorized product categories ensure that you find the desired product in few easy steps. A swift checkout alongside, delivery and payment options ensure that we, Anbar Fish is the name to recall when it comes to quality seafood

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