Lemon Sole (Sole)


With its great sweet taste and firm texture, it’s all time favorite of kids. Lemon Sole can be a new fish of choice for your family as it has no odor and annoying bones.

The size you get: 500  – 1000 grams per fish

Note: All our prices and billings are based on the pre-cleaning/cutting weight of the seafood. The net weight at the time of delivery will be dependent on the type of cutting you choose.

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A weird-looking fish, The Lemon sole – sole does not exactly live up to its name, as it does not taste lemon. It is a flatfish that lives around the shores of the Arabian Sea. Lemon Sole – sole is arguably one of the tastiest flatfish on a low budget. While it might not be as versatile as other white fish, it is perfect for simple dishes with an elegant taste. With its great sweet taste and firm texture, this can be a new favorite of your family as it has no odor and annoying bones.

Flavor Profile

Lemon Sole has a mild, sweet flavor but is milder than Rock Sole. They have the classic tender, fine-flaked white flesh which you expect from flatfish.


  • English Name: Lemon Sole, Darkfinned Flounder, Dover Sole
  • Local Name: Sole
  • Scientific Name: Laeops nigrescens


Lemon Sole is a Sea fish that mainly lives in Demersal regions at approx. 220–238 m.

Catching Method

Lemon Sole is caught using Gillnets and Bottom Trawls.

Physical Attributes

Lemon Sole has Scales on the body. Like most flatfish, the Lemon sole has a rather peculiar look. It has a small head with small protruding eyes that are very close together and a small mouth. Body elliptical.


They are usually various shades of reddish-brown, with a tinge of pink and orange, pink and green flecks and a white underside. The lemon sole has an orange patch behind its pectoral fin. The skin is very slimy and has an almost pearlescent shine to it.


On average, Lemon Sole size range is 250 gram to 1 kg per fish. However, Other sizes are also occasionally available.

Cutting Preferences

Lemon Sole is preferred for Boneless Fillets and Boneless Fingers

Approx. Cutting Yields

  • Whole: 100%
  • Gutted: 50%
  • Headless and Gutted: 50%
  • Slices: 48%
  • Boneless: 33%

Cooking Preferences

Lemon Sole is preferred to Grill, Fry, Steam, and Bake

Health Benefits

  • Heart friendly
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Immune System
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Improves Skin and Hair health


Additional information


.Whole (Uncleaned), Whole (Gutted), Boneless Fillet (2 fillates per fish), Boneless Biscuits, Boneless Fingers Sticks, Slices with skin and centre Bone, Headless & gutted, Mince

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