Amberjack (Saafi)


The Yellowtail Amberjack is not a common fish in Pakistan. It has a worldwide distribution along the coasts extending from the north subarctic to the south subarctic but prefers warmer waters like the Arabian Sea.

The size you get: 2 – 8 kg per fish

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The Yellowtail Amberjack – Saafi is not a common fish in Pakistan. It has a worldwide distribution along the coasts extending from north subarctic to south subarctic but preferring warmer waters like the Arabian sea.

While this fish is currently fairly plentiful, it is becoming somewhat depleted because of overfishing. At Karachi fish harbor one can occasionally spot amberjacks being offloaded from fishing trawlers.

Amberjack – Saafi are rarely sought after by anglers. They’re most commonly caught while trolling for larger and more desirable fish, like sharks, tuna, and barracuda. Nonetheless, catching amberjack isn’t a total loss—they can be eaten and is consumed on a large-scale commercial basis.

Flavor Profile

This is a medium and dark meat fish with a distinct but pleasant flavor. It’s not a fish for those who want “fish lite”, but is highly thought of by people who actually like fish. The dark strip down the center runs quite deep, but it does not differ greatly in flavor or oiliness from the lighter flesh.

The flesh becomes quite firm when baked, steamed or poached, but is easily broken into large flakes. It holds together well enough for fish stews.


  • English Name: Amberjack, Yellow tail Amberjack
  • Local Name: Saafi
  • Scientific Name: Seriola dumerili


Amberjack is a Sea fish that lives in deep seaward reefs, occasionally entering coastal bays, smaller fish may be taken in shallow water.

Catching Method

Amberjack is caught using Gillnets & Line Gears.

Physical Attributes

Amberjack has elongated, moderately compressed bodies. They have a slender head longer than their body depth and have 31-34 dorsal-fin rays.


They are generally blue, bluish-green, or purplish-green above and silvery-white below. Amberjacks can be distinguished by their yellow caudal fins.


On average, the Amberjack size range is 2000 to 8000 grams per fish. However, other sizes are also occasionally available.

Cutting Preferences

Since it’s a large fish, Amberjack is preferred for boneless cutting only.

Approx. Cutting Yields

  • Whole: 100%
  • Gutted: 75%
  • Headless and Gutted: 60%
  • Slices: 65%
  • Boneless: 40%

Cooking Preferences

Amberjack is preferred to grill and bbq. The boneless portions can easily be pan-fried or pouched.

Health Benefits

  • Heart friendly
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Improves Immune System
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Improves Skin and Hair health


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Whole (Uncleaned), Whole (Gutted), Whole but heat removed, Boneless Fillet (2 Fillets per Fish), Boneless biscuits, Boneless Fingers

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