Seabream (Safaid Dandiya Fish)


One of the best-selling budget flat-fish Safaid Dandiya Fish ideal for whole frying and grilling.

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This beautiful fish is very famous in seafood restaurants for its nice flat shape that is ideal for grill and BBQ. A low-budget alternative to Pomfret, Seabream – Safaid Dandiya Fish is abundant in Pakistan and has stable supply and prices throughout the year. SeaBream – safaid dandiya fish is one of those fish that are ideal for Whole cutting.

Flavor Profile

Sea Bream dandiya fish is highly sought after because of its mild flavor. With its pinkish opaque flesh, the popularity of Sea Bream continues to grow as a slightly sweeter-tasting alternative to other costly fish and can be cooked in versatile methods.


English Name: Yellowfin Seabream, Sea Bream

Local Name: Dandia, Kissi & Kartan

Scientific Name: Acanthopagrus arabicus


Seabream is a Sea fish that mainly lives in shallow coastal waters.

Catching Method

Seabream is caught using Gillnets, Hook lines, and Bottom Trawls.

Physical Attributes

Seabream has Scales on the body. It has an Anal fin with 3 spines and 8–9 soft rays, molariform teeth are present in both jaws, 4½ scale rows between the 5th dorsal spine and lateral line and the interorbital area is scale-less.


Silvery pale grey above and whitish silver below, visible streaks along longitudinal rows of body scales, dorsal fin greyish to hyaline and upper margin blackish, fin rays in terminal lower caudal fin lobe yellowish, pectoral fins whitish hyaline with a conspicuous diffuse dark blotch at the origin of the lateral line.


On average, Sea bream safaid dandiya fish size range is 150 gram to 600 gram per fish. However, Other sizes are also occasionally available.

Cutting Preferences

Seabream dandiya fish is preferred for Whole and Gutted and Headless and Gutted.

Approx. Cutting Yields

Whole: 100 %

Gutted: 70 %

Headless and Gutted: 65 %

Slices: 65 %

Boneless: 33 %

Cooking Preferences

Seabream safaid dandiya fish is preferred to Grill, BBQ & Fry.

Health Benefits

Heart friendly

Lowers Blood Pressure

Improves Immune System

Strengthens the bones

Improves Skin and Hair health

Additional information


Whole (Uncleaned), Whole (Gutted), Slices with skin and centre Bone, Headless & gutted

Choose size

200 – 500 grams, 500g – 1kg

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